Youth Leadership Program

Each year Southern Pine Electric sponsors two high school juniors from within our service area to attend both the Mississippi Youth Leadership Workshop and Washington DC Youth Tour. This program is an excellent opportunity for our youth to become acquainted with electric power associations, learn how cooperatives operate within our region and sharpen their leadership skills.

The Mississippi Youth Leadership Workshop is held in Jackson, Mississippi typically in March. The Washington DC Youth Tour is typically in June. High school principals and guidance counselors are encouraged to nominate one 11th grade student from their school-who receives electric service from Southern Pine Electric to submit an essay on a topic selected by Southern Pine Electric.

For more information about the Youth Leadership Program contact Mike Bryant at (601) 785-6511 extension 372, or (800) 231-5240, or Dara Stockman at (601) 785-6511 extension 338. You may also email Mike at, or Dara at