Residential Fees and Charges

Membership fee: $5

Connection/transfer fee: $20

Aid to construction: Based on construction cost

Meter test: $10

Returned checks:
• Returned-check fee: $35
• An additional deposit may be required


• 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Mon. – Fri.: $25
• After hours: $80
• An additional deposit may be required

Delinquent accounts:

• Collections fee: $25
• Delinquent fee: $3


Initial Residential Deposits*

A residential deposit may be required, based upon credit history

• Zero: Minimal credit risk
• $200: Moderate credit risk
• $400: High credit risk or customer declines credit risk check
• $600: With a current or previous bankruptcy or other applicable circumstances such
as meter tampering (Bankruptcy deposit may vary according to court ruling.)

* Additional deposits my be required for reconnects, returned checks,
meter tampering, etc.