Member Spotlight: Pierce Castle

Located outside the rural Mississippi town of Decatur you will find a magical place resembling a charming scene directly out of 15th century Europe. It’s a location bursting with so much beauty and enchantment that Cinderella herself would be mesmerized to find an actual castle located on a hill in Newton County.

With June being wedding month, we recently spoke with Margaret Lorren, Southern Pine Electric member and owner of Pierce Castle.

Tell me the story of Pierce Castle and how a castle ended up in Decatur, Mississippi?

The inspiration to build a “castle on that hill” was planted by my Mother while sitting under a shade tree on our property shelling butter beans one cool summer evening with her five daughters.  My mother was a dreamer and she always believed a castle would look beautiful on the hill that graced our property.

About 40 years later, our family had the pleasure of touring Ireland and Scotland in all its splendor. We were awe struck by the beauty and majesty of their history, and the tremendous role that the castle played in the survival of the family for generations. The thought was if the castle could remain intact, then the family was safe from invaders.

Upon our return and with immense inspiration from our trip, we pondered the idea of building something special on the hill and fulfill my mother’s dream. In 2008 Pierce Castle was completed.

What kind of events does Pierce Castle host?

We host all kind of events, including banquets, dances, holiday events and company parties. We offer plenty of options for various sized groups. These include an indoor and outdoor ballroom, plus a covered patio. We’ve even held Medieval Festivals with real horses and jousting.  However, weddings are our main event. From the castle environment and decor, to the King and Queen quarters for newlyweds, we truly offer a fairy tale environment for our guests.

In addition to the castle, we also have the Mississippi Cabin on our property. Nestled beside the Oka-Itsu-Pyah Falls, the Mississippi Cabin is located on the Chunky River.  We offer the cabin as the perfect place for wedding parties to recoup and relax during a usually hectic few days.

What can someone expect while visiting Pierce Castle?

The first reaction is typically awe and amazement. The visitors don’t expect to see a castle. It is a little unbelievable that a castle is located in this rural area of Mississippi.  Once past the guardhouse, guests will enter the castle grounds. Visitors can expect to get a true castle experience including dragons, knights, flags flying from the old country, family coat of arms, lookout posts and two thrones fit for the King and Queen.

What does being a member at Southern Pine Electric mean to you?

My appreciation for our Southern Pine Electric Cooperative can best be told by a true story.  It was an hour before a wedding was to start and guests were already seated with others gathering at the front of the castle for the special occasion.  The food was being prepared and treats were resting in the electric powered coolers. Furthermore, the bride and her bridesmaids were putting on their final touches before the proceedings commenced.  All of a sudden, the skies turned dark and a summer time thunderstorm ascended upon the castle, which resulted in a power outage. Everyone was frantic! I assured the guests, asking them to “stay calm and carry on” that Southern Pine would take care of it. I quickly called my local Newton District office, stated the situation and swiftly the trucks were there and the power was restored. The kingdom (and the wedding) was saved and the vows were exchanged right on time!

Please tell me any additional information about your venue that you would like to share?

We encourage people to visit our website at to learn more about us.  We welcome the opportunity to treat you, friends and family like royalty!!