List of Potential Sites for Development by County

No County  Site Name Location Available Acreage Infrastructure Miles to 4-Lane Rail Owner More Information
1 Copiah Copiah County Industrial Park Gallman 255 Electricity Gas Water Sewer Adjacent(155) Y Copiah County
2 Covington Collins Industrial Park Collins 65 Adjacent (US 49) Y City of Collins
3 Forrest The Garden – USM Innovation & Commercialization Park Hattiesburg 225 Adjacent (US 49 & I59) N Area Development Partnership Click Here
4 Jasper Bay Springs/Jasper County Ind. Park #2 Bay Springs 94 Fully Developed 20 (I 59) and 26 (I20) Y Jasper Co./City of Bay Springs Click Here
5 Jasper Heidelberg/Jasper C. Ind. Park#2 Heidelberg 72 Water Electricity Adj. (I-59) N Town of Heidelberg/Jasper Co. Click Here
6 Jasper Heidelberg Industrial Park #1 Heidelberg 23 Fully Developed 3 (I-59) N Town of Heidelberg Click Here
7 Jefferson Davis Longleaf Business Park Prentiss 19.8 Adj. (US 84) N Jefferson Davis County Click Here
8 Lawrence Lawrence County Greenfield 1 Monticello 778 0.1 (US 84) Y Lawrence County Click Here
9 Lawrence Lawrence County Industrial Park #2 Monticello 40 2 (US84) N Lawrence County Click Here
10 Newton Newton Industrial Park Newton 24 Fully Developed 1 (I-20) Y City of Newton Click Here
11 Newton Decatur Industrial Park Decatur 69 Fully Developed 6 (I-20) N Town of Decatur Click Here
12 Newton Union Industrial Park Union 47 Water Sewer Electricity Gas 17 (I-20) N City of Union Click Here
13 Rankin 43/20 Site Pelahatchie 650 0.5 (I-20) Y Rankin First Click Here
14 Rankin Northeast Quadrant Pelahatchie 250 0.3 (I-20) N Rankin First Click Here
15 Rankin U.S. Interstate 20 Exposure Pelahatchie 130.25 2.5 (I-20) N Rankin First Click Here
16 Rankin Country Place Lot 3 Pearl 4.7 0.1 (I-20) N Rankin First Click Here
17 Rankin Marquette South Brandon 200 0.8 (I-20) Y Rankin First Click Here
18 Rankin East Metropolitan Center Brandon 950 1 (I-20) Y Rankin First Click Here
19 Scott Wooten-McGee Industrial Site Lake 1400 Water Sewer Electricity Adj (I-20) Y Wooten-McGee Click Here
20 Scott Shepard Site Morton 357 Water Sewer Electricity Gas Adjacent 4 (I-20) Y Shepherd Family Click Here
21 Scott Forest/Highway 21 Site Forest 255 Fully Developed 3 (I-20) N JJE Land LCC Click Here
22 Scott Forest South Industrial Park Forest 110 Fully Developed Adj. (I-20) N City of Forest Click Here
23 Scott Joe McGee Industrial Site Lake 45 Water Sewer Electricity Adj. (I-20) N Joe McGee Click Here
24 Scott Morton Industrial Park #3 Morton 34 Fully Developed 4 (I-20) N City of Morton Click Here
25 Scott Morton Industrial Park #2 Morton 18 Fully Developed 3 (I-20) Across US 80 City of Morton Click Here
26 Simpson Simpson County Business Park Magee 55 Fully Developed 0.1 (US 49) N Simpson County Economic Development Foundation Click Here
27 Simpson Simpson County Commerce Park Mendenhall 109 3.3 (US 49) N Simpson County Economic Development Foundation Click Here
28 Smith Taylorsville Wood Products Site Taylorsville 200 Fully Developed 13 (US 84) Y Mid-Mississippi Development District Click Here
29 Smith West Taylorsville Industrial Park Taylorsville 86 Fully Developed 13 (US 84) Across MS Hwy 28 City of Taylorsville Click Here