How to Report an Outage

Southern Pine Electric utilizes 24-hour-a-day dispatchers. If you experience a power outage, or if you see any power lines down, please call one of the following numbers.

To expedite your call, please have your account number available.

  • Brandon District 601-824-7070 or 800-698-9574
  • New Hebron District 601-694-2711 or 800-698-9571
  • Newton District 601-683-2200 or 800-698-9573
  • Hattiesburg Branch 601-264-0185 or 800-231-5240
  • Taylorsville District 601-785-6511 or 800-231-5240




To view recent and on-going outages, click the icon above. You will be immediately directed to our live outage viewer.

Click here to view a diagram of how we restore your power.

Outage FAQ:

1.    I require medical equipment in my home.  Am I on a priority restoration list?

Southern Pine cannot guarantee power restoration to any member based on a priority list.  We do offer and maintain medical equipment required accounts.  If you have designated your account as medical equipment required that means that if we have a planned outage, we will attempt to notify you of that outage.  Southern Pine cannot, and does not, maintain a medical equipment priority list for restoration during emergency, acts of God, and other unplanned outages. Members requiring medical equipment, elderly and disabled members should plan for backup oxygen tanks, generators, and other necessary equipment. In the event of an extended outage, plans should be in place for emergency shelter if needed. Local media outlets, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and law enforcement offices will have a list of emergency shelters. Members should prepare a stock supply of medicines, first aid supplies, water and nonperishable food to last at least three days for each person present in the household.  All items that you may need in an emergency such as blankets, flashlights, batteries, and radios should be available before the emergency strikes.

2.    Do you know when we’ll get our lights back on?

Due to the various circumstances that of cause outages, we do not provide estimates on when the power will be back on. We always work as quickly and safely as possible to restore power. If you did not report the outage, please do so by calling 1-800-231-5240 or emailing

3.    Our lights are out and none of your phone numbers are working. How do we report it?

Unfortunately, when we have a large number of outages, our phone system gets overwhelmed. We want to assure you that when an outage occurs our crews are aware and immediately start working as quickly and safely as they can to get the lights back on. You can also email us at

4.    Every time we have a storm, a lot of us lose our power because trees or limbs fall on the lines. Why can’t Southern Pine put all its lines underground?

It would be great if we could put all our lines underground, but we have more than 10,000 miles of power line delivering electricity to members in 11 counties. Burying that much line would be prohibitively expensive for our members.

5.    Everyone on my road has electricity but me. Why is this?

Besides the line and poles, there is additional equipment associated with bringing our members electricity. Some of this equipment is directly associated with individual homes. Therefore, damage to this direct equipment can have an impact on one home, while others on the same street could have electricity.

6.    Why do my lights blink?

Lights blinking can be attributed to numerous factors. Here is a video that can appropriately answer this question: Blinking Lights

7.    My lights have been out for a few days and my food is going to spoil in my refrigerator. What can I do to prevent this?

A few tips include: keeping the doors closed on your refrigerator as much as possible and buy dry or block ice to keep the fridge and freezer cold.