Co-op Connections Card

Introducing: A new way to save money for you and your family!

Whether shopping at local businesses or national stores, you will be able to save on everyday purchases with your Co-op Connections membership card.

You can also get discounts on a range of medical services and save as much as 10% – 60% off prescriptions at participating pharmacies.

All this at no cost to you. It’s an added benefit of being a member of Southern Pine Electric.

The Co-op Connections Card can save you money in 4 big ways:

  1. Local Businesses
  2. National Online Retailers
  3. Pharmacies: Local and National
  4. Dental, Vision, Lab & Imaging, Chiropractic and Hearing Aid Providers

To search for discounts offered at national businesses, please visit

To find a participating pharmacy near you, please visit and enter your Group# on the back of your card to search by zip code.

For more information about the program, please visit or call Dara Stockman at 601-785-6511, ext 338.